Innovative solutions for the installation sector

Do you take one roll of wire, one tube kit and one can of spray lube to a job? Or three rolls, three tubes and three spray cans? For installation companies this could be the main difference between Innotec and the other brands: getting more done with fewer materials.

Innotec has earned an excellent reputation in installation in the last 30 years. Whether it be electrical installations or heating systems, climate systems or alarm installations... Professionals who trust in Innotec win through time savings, ease of installation and demonstrably better results.

Maintenance and repairs aside, more and more installation companies are turning to our products for help with assembly in new build projects.

The power of Innotec

30 years of experience

We've been the leading specialist in the installation sector for decades.

Focus on R&D

We have our own R&D department, which responds quickly to new developments.

Superior quality

Our products give demonstrably better results. And that's better for your business.

This is what our clients say

“We have built up an excellent reputation in our region over many years. So the last thing we want is poor quality products to work with. That's why we have used Innotec for all these years; and no complaints!”
“We love the Innotec range. The rep always comes in and shows us different products all of which work extremely well, as of yet nothing has let us down.”
“Thanks for introducing us to Adheseal and Topfix. The products have helped speed up production so pay for themselves.”
Gary Newman KURT HOBBS

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