About us

Innotec: innovation, quality and added value

We want to enable tradesmen in automotive, industry and construction to do a top quality job. That's why we develop innovative maintenance, repair and cleaning products for professional use. From our Belgian headquarters we supply these products to professionals all over the world through our international network of distributors.

PCS Innotec International was founded in 1985 and is now the leading specialist in the professional market. This success rests on 3 cornerstones. One: focus on real solutions. Two: lead the field in sustainability. And three: stay close to our product users.

  1. Quality that adds value We don't put our energy into marketing the biggest possible range, but focus on the development of products that really make a difference. This is why we add value to the profession's activities when they use our products.
  2. Ahead in sustainability We help our customers not only to work faster, better and more efficiently, but to do it in a healthier and more environmentally friendly way. In this we like to take the lead. We regularly develop more envronmentally friendly and healthy alternatives to some materials, years befor e they are required by the market or by law.
  3. Qualified, committed workers Our organisation is based on a decentralised model of national distributors. In every country we operate in we have highly schooled representatives who visit our product end users personally. On these business visits we see what our buyers are looking for and together we find solutions to the everyday problems.

Innotec has been on the Dutch market for over 25 years, through two dedicated distributors. Innotec Automotive Nederland has built up a loyal clientele in the automotive sector over the years : from mechanics to repairmen and buyers to importers. Innotec Industrie Nederland (Scorpion) is the leading point of contact for maintenance, repairs and assembly in construction, industry, trucks & two-wheelers.

Facts & Figures


PCS Innotec International was founded in 1985. We started by concentrating fully on the automotive sector. In 1991 we turned our attention to other segments and applications.

22 distributors

We now have 22 distributors. And we are always expanding our distribution network.

650 advisors

Innotec has more than 650 representatives who give personal advice to customers across the European continent.

250,000 customers

Professionals at close to 250,000 companies use the power of Innotec every day.

35 countries

Innotec is currently active in 35 countries. And we are always open to further expansion.

Investment in R&D

Product development has been our main investment item for many years.

Vision of the future: Only Quality has a Future

We are aiming for a better lubricated, more firmly fixed, more efficiently repaired, cleaner and more beautifully finished world. And we are convinced that we have something to offer that world. At our own pace; through controlled and healthy growth. Innotec isn't about turning a quick profit, but about sustainable success. Hence our slogan: Only Quality has a Future.

Only quality has a future