Innovative solutions for the construction industry

Many construction professionals have trusted in the power of Innotec for decades. We offer reliable solutions from structural construction to fine interior finishing.

Innotec supplies a highly varied range of maintenance and assembly solutions for construction. From handy products for minor repairs to complete systems for large construction projects such as facade panel bonding.

But these products all have one thing in common. They save time and they make the job easy.

The power of Innotec

35 years of experience

We've been at home in construction for decades

Focus on R&D

We have our own R&D department, which responds quickly to new developments.

Superior quality

Our products give demonstrably better results. And that's better for your business.

This is what our clients say

“The Innotec Moulding Tape is without doubt one of the best double sided tapes we have ever used. It really sticks like no other tape and on the rare occasion we need to remove an item, Seal and Bond Remover always comes to the rescue. Quick and easy to use…. No mess, No fuss.”
“We have now found the right partner in Innotec. With their high quality bathroom sealant and the ultra-professional advice from the Innotect representative we have managed to reduce maintenance to a minimum. An investment that really was worth the effort!”
“As a small, specialist business I don't have much space for storage, but I only need small quantities anyway. And that's what I like about Innotec: they are prepared to deliver small quantities in 2 days and I can always rely on their advice.”

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