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    Innotec Special: Deblock Oil XS

    The way to get rusted bolts, nuts and screws loose.
    Powerful penetrating oil with unique mix of rust dissolvers and lubricants.

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    Innotec Special: Unifix 300 S

    Quick assembly or repairs?
    Meet the ‘liquid plug’, self-spreading, cures in no-time.

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    Innotec Special: Hi-Temp Wax

    Heat resistant, easy to apply, fantastic adhesion.
    Stopping rust has never been so easy.

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    Innotec Special: Safe Seal IQ

    The quickest way for a safe window seal.
    Crash test proves all: window seal remains intact... 30 minutes after sealing!

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Innotec is a company with a mission. We want to help tradesmen in automotive, industry and construction to do a good job. That's why we develop innovative and high quality maintenance, repair and cleaning products for professional use. We've been doing it for more than 30 years.
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Professionals on Innotec

“We love the Innotec range. The rep always comes in and shows us different products all of which work extremely well, as of yet nothing has let us down.”
“Sustainability is a real issue in all aspects of our business. We even bear it in mind when choosing our maintenance products.”
“There used to be hundreds of tubes, tapes, cans and pots around here. Now there are ten or twenty Innotec products. They cover everything we need.”
Mr. Freitag LSM - Lastwagen Service Malters AG

Only quality has a future